Low supplies product of cloud stage safety
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We are limited company of electron of peaceful of Shenzhen city grand, we offer room inside and outside common all-around cloud stage,
Company introduction:
The science and technology that install peaceful only then achieve at Singapore, major is engaged in the research and development of safe product and production, own brand installs peaceful (ANTAI) high reputation is enjoyed in South Asia area. The company entered Hong Kong 1999, begin to march East Asia market. Current, the company has the management of a batch of high quality and technical talented person, the management that relies on advanced concept, science, excellent service and perfect quality system, provide strong support and safeguard for the client. Through the effort of company staff, ANTAI (An Tai) equipment of series of closed circuit monitoring had had extensive client community in Chinese market, perfect sale system was established in many cities.
Address: Guangdong Shenzhen is deep south medium edifice of 3009 blessing cropland
Zip code: 518000
Connect a telephone call: 0755-83692926 13798358967
Contact: Zhen Xiongliang
Company homepage: Http://www.atacn.com

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