Supply LBX each other to shoot type infra-red barrier
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Limited company of science and technology of Shenzhen city An Yijia beauty is research and development of a market, production and sale how does the major that is an organic whole prevent a company, its are mixed with superior performance the quality of excellent product, the credit that won a client and chase after hold in both hands! "Perfect character, excellent service " service concept, let every employee move with beautiful heart each our client, let every employee and a genuine heart serve each clients! The brand of the sale basically has: The brand of EL-3000 of warning apparatus material of stable treasure, CK, Israel, canadian maple leaf, ALEPH perimeter is infra-red to shooting, Israel PIMA all sorts of calling the police brand equipment. An Yijia beauty wishs to creat jointly hand in hand together with you business circles strange predestined relationship! !

The infra-red barrier series of research and development of An Yijia beautiful oneself and production: Each other shoots type LBX4 beam of light, 6 beam of light, 8 beam of light, exploration distance goes to 60 meters from 10 meters optional! Welcome a choose and buy!
Additional: Fittings of warning apparatus material: Smoke feeling, gas feels, 626 alarm date, acousto-optic alarm magnetism of power source of date, accumulator, switch, door.
Shenzhen brings limited company of science and technology of 100 million fine beauty
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