Network hemisphere
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What how prevent network industry is new bestow favor on - network camera
4 Mo of  of  of Tiao of  white Lang crack a joke Nternet of 齀 of ü of Xie of shovel of my post soft-shelled turtle undertakes billows string graceful the Kingdom of Wei far end besides monitoring, reduce cost effectively through network monitoring, function of its " of " Plug and Play, need not install coaxial cable. Want to use existing network to be able to be used only, this is the place of the advantage of network camera.
Inside buy network interface, can undertake long-range monitoring easily through personal computer
Advanced MPEG4 is pure hard compress, much picture is broken up implement long-range monitoring
Shed media technology bannerly, realize fluent and coherent picture
1, do not want computer, insert power source, reticle only, can work
2, the operation is used simply, easily
3, the visit is quick and accurate
4, login view password control

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