Network video server
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Functional characteristic
◇ uses MPEG-4 video of the standard to reduce kind
◇ uses ADPCM frequency to reduce kind, have speech to monitor a function
◇ picture resolution D1, CIF, FIELD, QCIF is optional
◇ support PPPOE and dynamic domain name are analytic DDNS
Video of sound of ◇ only way is transmitted
◇ supports long-range Yun Jing to control, can different ground kinescope and catch pat
◇ video frame is led but according to bandwidth self-adjusting
◇ is had restore a function automatically
◇ much picture runs software, can realize inspect on the net many a little bit to look, different ground kinescope, time put wait for a function
◇ uses range: The numerous domain such as orgnaization of conference of the school, bank, traffic, electric power, oil, video, community, environmental protection, chain, family.
Performance data
◇ system asks
The lead plane that browse: Version of above of IE4.0, NET4.5
WIN98, WIN2000, XP or above version
CPU: 32Bit RSIC Embedded Processor
Hardware operating system: Embedded Linux system
8Mb shines put, 16Mb memory
◇ video
Passageway: 1 inputs / output
Image reduces kind: MPEG-4
Compressibility: 10:1- 200:1(Typical30:1(Typical30:1
Frame frequency leads: Can amount to 30 frame most / second
Output frame rate: Can amount to 30 frame most / second
Picture resolution: 720*486 720*243 360*243 180*121
◇ frequency
Reduce kind: ADPCM
Reduce a cost: 40Kbit/s
Passageway: 1 inputs / output
◇ network
Network interface: 10 Base-T LAN(RJ-45)
◇ software management and safeguard
OK and online upgrade
◇ security
Code protection; IP address manages
◇ alarm
Video image diagnoses: To appoint mailbox to send email
◇ cloud stage and camera lens control: Undertake controlling through RS485
◇ dimension: Long × wide × is tall (35mm of × of 118mm × 85mm)
◇ power source: 12VDC
◇ lukewarm, humidity: RH of ℅ of 0-50 ℃ 0-90

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