Supply only door controller
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Controller of SD-0340-002 series only door is ELID new the product that roll out, design novel circle to send aperture, contain what the clavier that be in a poor light makes to have contemporary feeling extremely. Apply to mechanism, bank, the office place such as office building.
* produces character to measure 3 packets one year originally.
Product characteristic
•Show novel circle sends aperture, clavier is contained be in a poor light.
•The operation is convenient outside reading card to open the door except support, still can increase a password to open the door on this foundation.
•Agile additions and deletions gets stuck to be able to carry card reader or delete card.
•Security is become high when ill will destroys somebody, will call the police.
Technical parameter
•Working voltage: 12V/DC
•Working electric current: 210mAmax
•Open the door time: 5s(can be installed)
•Card capacity: 800 pieces
•Password capacity: 1
•Password length: 1-/6 optional
•Open the door means: Brush card or brush calorie of password
•Contact capacity: DC2A 30V
•Supportive card: EM induction gets stuck
•Over all dimension: Carapace of model of 23 (D) PC of × of 86(H) × 86(W)
•Adornment circle shows: The operation shines correctly; Often shine at ordinary times; Twinkle at ordinary times

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