Supply fly the plane that close the door automatically
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It is new that SP-0030-001 flies the plane that close the door automatically the product that roll out, the exterior is concise and easy, sexual price is compared tall, apply at leaving automatically / close passageway. Can cooperate infra-red induction detector (absoluteness to personnel of pass in and out) control device with entrance guard (have restriction to personnel of pass in and out) use together. Apply extensively at mechanism, hospital, the place such as bank, insurance and office.
* produces character to measure 3 packets one year originally.

•Current detect: The setting is become effective when, after every signal passes (be like infra-red had detected a person) , give close. If exceed the lockup of set to did not detect,arrive signal, close. When the setting becomes be no longer in force, close by set time.
•Synchronism detects: Can establish 2 facility give priority to, from the door. At this moment, from all movements of the door, cooperate advocate the instruction of the door is done. Can use at 2 door leaf on a door to cooperate the scene of switch each other.
•Angle detects: When set dials a code to open, the door is shut, equipment electrify, can detect automatically and remember / close the position.
•The obstacle detects: Leave / when the obstacle is being encountered when closing, will stop automatically, try to leave again / close; When cannot overcoming an obstacle, will phonic sound calls the police.
•The lock controls a function: A relay is outputted, can serve as the control that locks up to this report.

•Open the door angle: 0-180 is spent
•Open the door pitching moment: 300N/m(ox / rice)
•Open the door means: 3 paragraphs of type (rise slow to stop slow quickly) ; But timing spends 8 archives, acquiesce opens the door (when angle is 90 degrees) 3 seconds (carry) for nothing, every archives is added decrease 0.5 seconds (1.5-5 second) .
•Lockup: Second of delay time 3/5/7/9 (adjustable) hind close.
•Communication means: RS232. But type of connection wall outfit is installed / controller.
•Power source: 24V/5A Max
•Working temperature: - 20 ℃ - 60 ℃
•Working humidity: 0-90 does not have condensation
•Weight: 3.5Kg
•Bulk: 68mmX68mmX310mm

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