Supply clavier of entrance guard password
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SK-0100-011/012 is one kind is based on clavier of password of microprocessor CPU pilot, it is to be small-sized office building, enterprise or business the management of the unit asks and design technically, apply to the place with safe not quite high level to use, be like access door, assembly room. * produces character to measure 3 packets one year originally.
Product characteristic
•Prevent prize function: When clavier is levered by outside force, buzzer can call the police
•The door opens time: Setting limits is 01~99 second
•The lock opens time: Setting limits is 01~99 second
•Open the door means: Support " * password " and " odd password " two kinds of means
•Clavier: Balata key, belt be in a poor light
•Door condition: Can be door setting often leave, often be shut or password condition
•Adornment circle shows: The password shines correctly; Often shine at ordinary times; At ordinary times, twinkle. Apply to model SK-0100-012 only.
Technical parameter
•Exterior dimension: Carapace of model of 23 (D) Mm of × of 86(H) × 86(W)
•Working voltage: 12V/DC
•Working electric current: 120mAmax
•Gross weight measures: 130g (SK-0100-011) / 140g (SK-0100-012)
•Suttle quantity: 120g (SK-0100-011) / 130g (SK-0100-012)
•Open the door time: 5s (1-99 second can be installed)
•Password capacity: 20
•Password length: 4 / 6 optional
•Prevent prize function: Have
•Operate temperature: - 15 ℃ - 65 ℃
•Operate humidity: 0-95% (without condensation)

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