Supply block a car implement path brake
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SB-0100-001/002 is SKEE new roll out block a car implement, with the parking lot control system cooperates to be able to comprise automatic car field to run a system, also can install alone in simple and easy parking lot use. It by metallic box (exterior yellow) , motor (temperature is protected) , the composition such as transmission, dynamic balancer, logistic controller. Controller is controallable block a car implement rail moves. Supportive straight arm and lose an arm model 2 kinds block lever. Should block a car implement installation is easy, debug simple, movement smooth, noise is petty, safeguard convenient. * produces character to measure 3 packets one year originally.
•Supportive hand moves an operation: When power cut, can turn handle is raised / or put down rail.
•Heat protects a function: Bring about motor overheat when outside force or other action, when raising the temperature with come constant, electric opportunity breaks electric protection automatically; Should fall when the temperature with come constant, electric opportunity resumes the work automatically.
•Rail open: Straight arm but open reachs 90 degrees 60 degrees; The open that lose an arm 90 degrees hind, the height below transverse arm is 2.5 meters.
•Remote control function (but option) : Through holding remote control pushbutton the operation blocks a car implement rail rise and fall. Farthermost can amount to 8 meters; When aerial is being received outside, can amount to 30 meters (hollowness ground) .
Time of rise and fall:
3 seconds
Working voltage:
Electric machinery heats up protection:
Locomotive electric current:
The hand moves an operation:
Mm of over all dimension:
255 × of 360 × H of × of W of 1085 (L × )
Weight (Kg) :
Working temperature:
- 30 ℃ - 70 ℃
Working humidity:
0-95% (without condensation)

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