How is Wuhan prevented exhibit after exhibiting, follow feeling
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How do Hubei province and Wuhan city prevent product trade in recent years with 20 ~ the speed of 30% is swift and violent development, how to prevent equipment only year sale amounts to 2 billion yuan of RMBs. Be taken in economy of the Yangtse River and are the bridge that cannot replace and bond effect in progress of thing ministry economy. Country about developing strategy of department of Chinese and Western in, increased the economic investment to center-west region and policy to tilt, how to prevent product industry to will be become contractible with develop one of industries with area the sharpest difference, at the same time also contain is worn tremendous business chance and rich and generous interest space.
The 8th 2007 China (Wuhan) international is communal and safe technology and equipment exhibition, pay close attention to particularly in what how the Ministry of Public Security and China prevent guild and support energetically below, held in Wuhan a few days ago, last a period of time 3 days conclude smoothly.

Wuhan is exhibited can act on " extend business and service of the person that look around sincerely to join " tenet not only improve service quality, make exhibit business and user communication more convenient, how do Hubei and area of week border district prevent product market more transparent, management is more normative, provided good platform to how prevent industry practitioner. Meanwhile, as perfecting in ceaseless development medium how to prevent locally exhibit meeting, how is Wuhan prevented exhibit also existing the blemish that its not allow to ignore.

Head preexistence ginseng exhibits ginseng exhibit business side to tell:
1, the medium and small businesses that postponing business basically is each district, include Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen; Be like favour of Shenzhen a person of extraordinary powers, hong Tianwei is inspected, gentleman brings the company such as labour trade;
2, business of Wuhan place project, cent markets business, agent; Like Wuhan rich of handsome dragon electron, Wuhan poors special ode of systematic project, Wuhan brings the company such as safe system, basically be the mode with representative or project distribute;
3, agency of a few companies; If 9 vessels Wuhan does, Shenzhen profit way connects Wuhan to do, electronic Wuhan does Bo Ke etc; Also included to resemble heaven and earth of course great exploit, big China, the industry such as SamSung supervisory system appears with original figure;
4, how does the part defend medium; If China prevents net, China how to prevent product network, Hui Cong,day of market conditions, Hunan prevents net, safety and automation to wait;

It is to exhibit the visiting personnel of the meeting next:
1, local project business, give priority to for company technician commonly, if engineering department manager, CTO waits
2, Wuhan each are relevant research organization, personnel of technology of each institute scientific research.
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