Vietnam international society is communal and safe in May 2007 p
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Sponsor an unit: Ministry of Vietnam country science and technology (MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY)
Department of Vietnam nation trade (MINISTRY OF TRADE)
Vietnam (Hu Zhiming city) fire control bureau (HCMC DEPARTMENT OF FIRE SECURITY INSPECTION)

Undertake unit: Vietnam country advertisement reads extensively company (VINEXAD)

Support an unit: Vietnam trade stimulative bureau (chamber of commerce of industry of VIETTRADE) Vietnam nation (VCCI)
Vietnam (Hu Zhiming city) governmental Vietnam (Hu Zhiming city) Vietnam of public security bureau (Hu Zhiming city) trade office

China assist do: The meeting in business affairs center is being jumped over in exhibits business affairs limited company
Limited company of travel of international trade of Guangxi Jin Lan

Media supports an unit: Tribute economy times jumps over Vietnam of Vietnam economy times on the west how does bright city prevent annals of another name for erhu association
How is China prevented exhibit meeting net China how to prevent China of network of intelligence of brand net China to measure network of information of security controlling a network

Hold time: Came 18 days on May 15, 2007

Hold a place: Vietnam (Hu Zhiming city) international exhibition center

Vietnam market background
Southeast Asia area is one of area that the international market has commercial energy most, and Vietnam is the state that southeast Asia area has development latent capacity extremely. In November 2002 China - east alliance free-trade area plans to be started formally, this brought infinite new business chance. Vietnam serves as east one of alliance member countries, it is the admirable gangplank that Chinese product enters southeast Asia market. In last few years rate of Vietnam economy growth amounts to 9 % above, in southeast Asia the head the list in 10 countries. Two countries trading business volume was jumped over to grow 100 in coming nearly 10 years times, show China to already became Vietnam the 5th large trade is companionate.

Development of economic high speed pulls those who use Vietnam people living standard to rise considerably, people opposite vivid quality and the consciousness that safety protects increase increasingly, communal and safe product, equipment mixes relevant society equipment is unusually popular. However, industry of equipment of equipment of communal and safe product grows Vietnam society the foundation is very fragile, the research productivity of its Vietnam homeland is very low, major product relies on an entrance, especially electric subclass product. Be based on the safe situation of international and home, public security system strengthened Vietnam to safety is on guard and prevent cruel investment, increased a government every year a few this years to purchase a budget, impose the requirement of average resident, annual Vietnam whole nation must invest about 300 million dollar to be used at buying of all kinds society communal and safe product, equipment and equipment, market potential is tremendous. Vietnam government was promulgated 2003 execute " Vietnam fire service law " , the regulation is in of operation or the place with the more concentrated quantity of stream of people such as the bazaar in construction, supermarket, guesthouse, Lou Yu, public place of entertainment, gas station, storehouse, station, factory, industrial district must install the fire control safety that has qualification just but operation, and the southern part of the country more up to now besides common fireplug inside the ability that still does not have any manufacturing fire control and public safety equipment.
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