2007 India (Bombay) how does international fire control prevent
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2007 India (Bombay) how does international fire control prevent & take precautions against natural calamities to exhibit

Fire Safety&Security &Disaster Management Expo 2007

2007.09.28-30 (3 day) Bombay of India of   of       exhibits a center

How does the greatest fire protection prevent India exhibit!

〇 sponsors an orgnaization: ABeC(Asian Business Exhibition&Conferences)

〇 supports an orgnaization: Association of the person that India builds estate of trade association India to develop is allied (CREDAI)

How does Indian fire control prevent association India Society of Fire Protection Engineers

India prevents & safety to manage India of fire department of international association Bombay how to prevent association

Association of project of telecommunication of electron of India of head office of Indian nuclear energy

How does group of Indian telecommunication user prevent applied Manufacturers Association

Chamber of commerce of industry and commerce of Bombay of Bombay police station (BCCI)

〇 sole agent: 100 favour of Guangzhou show limited company

Postpone meeting brief introduction

Should be being exhibited is by group of Indian times agency (organization of company of the AbeC below banner of The Times Of India) , will several years grow swift and violent, get tycoon of Indian government, association, chamber of commerce, media, industry support energetically, become Indian second half of the year to spend the greatest fire protection how to be prevented exhibit meeting.

Limits of item on display

〇 fire control: Equipment of put out a fire, warning device, take refugee equipment, guide things of device, take precautions against natural calamities; Fire of hall of fire engine, fire control, fire extinguisher, fireplug, fire pump, hill suppresses dress of helicopter of equipment, fire control, put out a fire;

〇 recourses emergency treatment: System of equipment of relief car, lifesaving, rescuing technology, communication; System of medical treatment of equipment of emergency treatment car, emergency treatment, emergency treatment;

〇 prevents natural disaster: Jiang He is downstream information of management, atmosphere, prevent soggy, blow-off device, avoid snow disaster, prevent frost; Seismic observation, be able to bear or endure shake equipment;
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