Intelligence of international of the 7th 2007 Shanghai lives in
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Extend meeting time: 2007-4-30 exhibits meeting site: Center of center of Shanghai international news, Shanghai international conference

] new time new ground scale is larger content is more wonderful

"Household of Shanghai international intelligence is exhibited reach forum " since establishing 2003 oneself, secure every year hold in Chinese Shanghai. In extend scope ceaselessly, on the foundation that abstracts a theme, through the development that comes 6 years, already became the professional trademark with well-known industry to exhibit meeting. Come 6 years, the ginseng that comes from 10 many countries and area exhibits trade accumulative total to already exceeded 1800, commerce audience amounts to 150 thousand person-time, it is China provides consequence, businessman most wide the party that lives in an industry for the intelligence that take seriously, extremely tall high reputation is enjoyed inside course of study.

"Exhibition of household of intelligence of international of the 7th Shanghai and forum " will on April 30, 2007 - will be in center of conference of international of center of Shanghai international news, Shanghai to hold on May 2. "Household of Shanghai international intelligence is exhibited " move center of the center of Shanghai international news with advanced, good service, Shanghai international conference chooses location establishment to leave in Chun Nuanhua will hold in April, more will with more brand-new figure, stronger collaboration, meet world guest friend. Predict to will have come from domestic and international 350 manufacturers ginseng is exhibited, exhibition area amounts to 8000 square metre.

At the appointed time the intelligent household grand meeting that baronial, well-known company gathers will present a dimensions in you before.

] time and place

Cloth extends time: On April 28, 2007 - 29 days

Show time: On April 30, 2007 - on May 2

Show a location: Center of Shanghai international news (century highway 1)

Center of Shanghai international conference (bank river highway 2727)

] exhibit 7 years meeting 8 exceed strong dominant position and new move greatly

1, authoritative orgnaization supports with all one's strength, those who offer an industry development trend and policy is how-to, assured to exhibit of the meeting before look up sex and lead a gender;

2, exhibit can get the country such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore trade closes to the main support of meeting, chamber of commerce, association, media and promotion;

3, 30 public media and nearly 100 major exceed in home media is all-around conduct propaganda;

4, the key place that the country forms a delegation will be job of 7 years of flutter, we will strengthen the connection that is the same as abroad and relevant association and media, certain focal point enrols business land to attack an area, invite more abroad buy the home to participate in exhibit meeting;
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