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Extend meeting time: 2007-11-5 exhibits meeting site: Parisian every Er surpasses the door to exhibit a center
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
BATIMAT is exhibited since establishing 1959 oneself, dimensions expands increasingly, consequence affects the whole world, reputation is better and better. Already developed now become the world's famousest building materials and equipment to exhibit. Exhibit meeting biennially one, meet odd year will hold November. Current will on November 5, 2007 - in Paris Fan Ersai door exhibits a center 7 days to hold. Before we welcome China ardently to build the decision-making personage of the bound and expert, past ginseng is exhibited or look around negotiate.

Exhibited meeting ginseng to exhibit business analysis 2005:

Exhibited 2005 can exhibit gross area 218, 000 square metre. Mutual come from 48 countries and area 2664 exhibit business to exhibit an aspirant travel to reveal in 2383, among them 1037 postpone business for international, exhibiting new product amounts to 930. Exhibit can attract come from 139 countries and area 475, 327 professional audiences, visit time on average to be 2 days. Of 87% exhibit business to be able to express satisfaction to was being exhibited 2003, of 79% exhibit business to express to continued to join 2005 exhibit. Every exhibited a stage to recieve 712 professional audiences on average. From join the construction that postpones business to look, build construction equipment aspect exhibited business to be occupied 28% , of door window and hardware respect exhibit business to occupy 25% , of field of main body engineering exhibit business to have 22% , decorate those who decorate a respect to postpone business for 18.4% . Of the others exhibit business to come from IT and communication, and intelligence turns floor world trade. Belong to an industry to look from audience place, the audience of 34.8% is building contractor and project technology personnel, shopkeeper and agency are 21.39% , architect and professional architect are occupied 20.2% , the audience of 10.51% is manufacturer, the audience of 9.79% is Party A, have the audience that comes from the respect such as education, professional orgnaization additionally 3.31% . From knowable to exhibiting the analysis of meeting audience 2003, the growth of retail industry is very driving, the spot orders goods the growth that has materiality.

Ginseng extend range:
Roof tuss of division of main body engineering, structural component part, roofing, ventilating duct, material of construction of waterproof, main body and compose fittings, window of gate of system of top of heat preservation heat-insulating material, condole, floor, water treatment, drainage system and window of door of hardware area wood, metallic door window, plastic door window, window of composite material door, ambry, system of open of door window closedown, door window is sealed material, sunshade shade (bitter fleabane) reach its automatic open equipment, door window metal fittings, door lock, glasswork, adornment of iron art goods decorates an area indoor decorate a component: Fireplace reachs flue, all sorts of separate paragraph of stuff gently character, live in adornment, kitchen adornment;
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