The 10th 2007 China (international) traffic safety product and i
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Extend meeting time: Exhibited meeting site on April 10, 2007: Store of Shanghai world trade (Shanghai starts justice journey 99)

Jian Yan

Shanghai is applied after world rich will be successful 2010, beijing, Shanghai is in 5 years of future, will build to urban infrastructure, especially traffic construction undertakes record-breaking capital is thrown. For example, shanghai general throws 180 billion yuan of RMBs to urban infrastructure construction, the key builds 142 projects, among them facilities of transportation of 90 billion yuan of devote, the construction with road will large-scale transportation and transform, form urban throughway system, this will give road transportation industry to bring tremendous business chance.

Current " the 10th 2007 China (international) traffic safety product and intelligent traffic exposition " use brand-new exposition to run mode, show times heat, develop the activity of rich and colorful: Product of height forum, company recommends meeting, technology communication, exhibition to reveal, the exhibition on the net. Do one's best is management department of enterprise, expert, government, transportation to wait bring tremendous actual effect. Here, we invite sincerely domestic and international relevant manufacturer, company to play current fair eagerly, understand technology of international forward position, show newest gain, extend outstanding product. Origanization construction strives to see Bencibo meeting organization become liaison man of our country road the international grand meeting on career history.

Approve an unit: Economic Commission of foreign trade of Shanghai people government

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