Society of international of the 9th Asia is communal safety and
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Society of international of the 9th Asia is communal safety and security personnel exhibition (SSA 2007)
Time: On October 31, 2007 (on Wednesday) - on November 2 (on Friday)
Place: Singapore • amounts to Singapore international conference and exhibition center newly
Sponsor an unit: Appraise of Zhi of a short wooden stake of Mei of the salary that record swing bars EMS of – of chaste tree of  of Xing Xun of Ti of Fei Gan  )
Sponsor an unit jointly: Association of Singapore security personnel
Support an orgnaization: Singapore conference and exhibition bureau
Postpone meeting introduction
One, the security personnel state of Singapore and Asia:
Singapore- - significant strategic position is being held in the Asia, since enters the important gangplank of Asian market, also be the main door that leads to the world. Singapore is located in Asia-Pacific area center, it is Asia-Pacific area (include Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Japan, Korea and southeast Asia) the best place that holds the meeting; Depend on the carriage network that develop and service system, singapore already aid holds a place as the world's top-ranking conference and exhibition.
According to the newest research of Freedonian group: From 911 later, world security serves the market of course of study to quickness expands and will continue to carry year of increase rate of 8.3% , arrive to will reach 120 billion dollar 2006. Now, very much new and high technology is gone to by application safety and fear a domain instead, each countries and commercial group increased to be in safety and the devotion that fear a respect instead, greeted the development new period that product of whole world safety changes. Safe product and the situation that serve the market also appear major change, it is the most important to will be become like Asia, Russia, Latin America, Africa and middle east how to prevent the market.
2, postpone meeting brief introduction
Since Asian international security personnel exhibits biennially to be sponsorred from 1991, exhibit meeting dimensions to expand ceaselessly, already became Asia-Pacific area to enjoy those who enjoy great reputation how to be prevented exhibit, it is how the whole world prevents product manufacturer to reveal newest product and the ideal platform that do business. SSA 2007 will continue to invite actual strength to buy the home and professional personage to postpone business, be like: Police / jail / fire control branch, safety and security personnel are advisory, safety and security personnel evaluate responsibility person, the installation of system and equipment, investigation & Protection Agencies, architect and building expand business, hotel and market operator, the financial unit such as bank, storeroom, insurance, the manufacturer of safety and security personnel product and supplier, government sector and privately owned serve an orgnaization.
The theme of SSA 2007 exhibits: Science and technology of fire control of the 7th international, relieve a sick or injured person and equipment are exhibited (FIRE & RESCUE 2007) , safe science and technology and equipment exhibit mainland of the 2nd international (HOMELAND & SECURITY 2007) .
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