Let all entrance guard can connection network
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Let all entrance guard can connection network
System of system of system of the entrance guard system in the tradition, check on work attendance, one cartoon system, carry out rice, medical treatment equipment, how to prevent system and industrial control domain in the center, in monitoring of electric power computer room, have by tens of thousands inductor, detector, PLC, read card implement, or other equipment, coadjacent form network of a control, regard the management inside information system as the tool of data. And the most commonly used will join the communication interface of these equipment is RS-232 and RS-422/485 bus line. But compare RS-232 with network photograph, RS485/422 bus line exists in transmission distance and dependability respect bigger limitation.
As the network gain ground, network resource got huge is abounded, internet and company local area network are already outspread arrived each corners, below this kind of circumstance, seek an economy, quick solution, the equipment that lets have but instantly couplet net is used, can make afore-mentioned systems realize network join through TCP/IP network, solve RS485/422, RS-232 is mixed in transmission distance the limitation of dependability respect. The equipment stringing together a mouth that should let a tradition is changed into the network peripheral that has network interface, in research and development and integrated CPU, DSP, on the soft hardware such as TCP/IP agreement, need a lot of manpower investment and time cost normally. You do not need to be development TCP/IP and aether net technology again now, and invest additional labor power, time and cost! Limited company of technology of Shenzhen city Oriental number can offer complete solution for you, can make the existing device that string together a mouth handy, the network on quick couplet!
Turn from RS-232 to realize the equipment that string together a mouth quickly TCP/IP, RS485/422 turns the transition of TCP/IP, research and development of proper motion of limited company of technology of Oriental number of Shenzhen city town converter of C2000 Plus series, offer complete and quick implementation to string together a mouth to turn the solution of the network, use string together a mouth to turn your original platform software and equipment hardware do not need the solution of TCP/IP do any modification, need to undertake a few simple settings can come true to string together a mouth to turn from RS-232485/422 only the change of TCP/IP network. Oriental number company can offer two kinds to string together a mouth differently to turn the solution of the network.
1, outside register form (the server that string together a mouth, the network is only a machine, IP strings together a mouth)
Elaborate converter of series of use C2000 Plus to come true in detail below from be based on RS-232, the system of RS485/422 bus line arrives the method of the change of TCP/IP:
2. is embedded (the server that string together a mouth is embedded module, the network is only a machine is embedded module, bridge of the net that string together a mouth)
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