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Lock of meaning forest magnetic force locks up photograph comparing with the magnetic force of other brand under, no matter be reached from character, craft,pack have distinct advantage, be like:
Buy assault wave is absorbed inside implement, absorb reactive electric current, two webbing are prevented fold screw, but safe outfit at outdoor, circuit board classics is special design, convenient wiring, galvanization of face of lock body adsorption prevents embroider processing, screw is the brand of the other of stainless steel completely is iron commonly, all products pass CE and MA attestation, all magnetic force locks are to protect qualitative 3 years, magnetic force locks up crust surface sandblast, other brand is to pull silk commonly cannot the hand finger mark that erase tries project, specious, cut does not cut a hand glossily, iron plate craft does Mu Wen, come loose easily hot, what lock of meaning forest magnetic force chooses material is the environmental protection material that accords with international standard, model of lock of meaning forest magnetic force is much, breed is all ready, satisfy client requirement from many sided, lock of meaning forest report has abundant market to support in order to have giant major miscellaneous reach network support, lock of meaning forest electromagnetism has outstanding brand image, character and craft fixed position are high-grade, the price with intermediate fixed position, fit the client's requirement more.

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