16 video signal prevents Lei Qi
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16 video prevent Lei Qi LTP-C-BNC/16K
Main characteristic:
1, BNC (coaxial) report emerges fine protection of protector series cent and double protection, aluminous profile structure, the exterior uses advanced technology chromatic, beautiful and durable, insulation property is good.
2, but the character according to equipment, the working voltage that environmental place needs and defend of n different, for client major the client is custom-built. Rated discharge electric current is bigger, answer time fast, but for many times thunder of induction of release be struck by lightning, had had stream, press too, Qian ternary protection function.
3, multistage protection, incomplete is low.
4, design of small electric capacity, transmission performance is superior.
5, use a standard to join, bulk small, weight is light.
6, the structure is beautiful, installation is convenient.

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