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Learned recently, area of Shenzhen blessing cropland invests 213 million yuan of construction to enclothe the electron with whole public area to prevent control a system, predict to be enabled in next month first try. At the appointed time, pass resource of monitoring of video of conformity whole area, will right canal of public security, city, traffic, lash-up, 3 prevent, the job that bring watch rises to urge action actively, a when become dimension firm put together to control the job " edge tool " .

As we have learned, blessing cropland area will be in area under administration 8 street build safeguard stability and security of society to administer working center integratedly. This center reachs put together firmly to treat by dimension, police station, judicatory, letter is visited, family planning, industrial and commercial, culture, labor, install canal of inspect, city and rented house put together to be in charge of the sectional composition such as place, form " 11 an organic whole " working structure. Departmental door is versed in in street party appoint below unified leader, build firm put together of basic level dimension to treat network IT platform, form street level to treat the mechanism of each job to firm put together of lash-up of area under administration and dimension, finish before November 1 check and accept.

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