Video conference summarizes the principle of video conference sy
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Video conference is summarized

The principle of video conference system and technology

Video conference says to inspect dispatch conference or videophone conference again, it is the application of a flying development in domain of communication of 21 centuries multimedia. Video conference technology is shirt-sleeve computer technology, communication network technology, microelectronics technology, it asks to digitlize all sorts of media information, use all sorts of networks to make be transmitted in real time and can have friendly information communication with the user.
The function that video conference system realizes
General function
Advanced function
General function

⑴ multimedia conference
⑵ orders pair of dot conferences
Conference of video of ⑶ much dot
⑷ network is patulous
⑸ penetrable firewall
⑹ network manages
A variety of ⑺ conferences control mode
⑻ is much mode of the video presentation that divide hold
⑼ double video sheds a function
Advanced function
⑴ supports WEB government
Function of ⑵ long-range remote control
⑶ supports tall bandwidth
⑷ supports TV wall link
⑸ offers the group of the conference to sow
⑹ transcribe, memory and VOD order programme
⑺ caption function
The advantage of video conference system
⑴ holiday date views travelling expenses and time
⑵ rises attend a meeting efficiency
⑶ increases staff attending the meeting at any time
⑷ gets used to certain and special situation
Realize the technical condition of video conference system
The frequency information of * high quality.
The interactive interface with friendly * .
The real time video of * high quality writes decipher picture.
A variety of * networks interface (the interface) such as ISDN, DDN, PSTN, Internet, satellite.
The assembly room layout with bright, grave, elegant * and design also are a field that opens good video meeting.
Of video conference system form

Many bits of control is unit (MCU)
MCU(Multipoint Control Unit) regards video conference as main component of the system, it is to come true to attend the meeting each information exchange and pilot are main between terminal equipment.
MCU is the center of whole video conference, system of conference of many bits of video relies on MCU to undertake centralized controlling to whole meeting, and be sowed like conference group, the video conference such as wall of TV of conference transcribe order programme, join expands basically also in support MCU realizes the function.
Video conference terminal
⑴ is based on the CPU technology of PC
The CPU technology that is based on PC is a kind of implementation technology that gives priority to with software
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