Supply perimeter of cable of the induction that bury the ground
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Entirely is narrated
The DP-300III that develops development independently by limited company of electron of Wuhan much general ground buries type perimeter induction to inbreak detector, it is to be in DP-300II depth had on the foundation second development upgrades, make product function more stable, the operation is debugged more simple, it is the first selection product that new generation perimeter is on guard. Its characteristic has complete Queen of heaven to work, installation concealments, can press perimeter ground laid, performance is steady, installation is convenient, sexual price is compared tall.
2 scope of application
This product applies to a jail extensively, detention house, villatic, airport, oil depot, wildcat, transformer substation, breed a factory, orchard, dock, museum, the place that the need perimeter such as intelligent village is on guard.
3 systems characteristic
The perimeter of 1 new idea calls the police system
2 installation concealment, can get used to all sorts of complex landform not to take dead space.
3 insensate harms.
4 functions are powerful, prevent destroy ability strong, call the police acute and reliable.
5 numbers show, debug more simple.
6 use advanced exploration technology, overcome traditional detector security to differ, the defect with loud rate of false alarm.
4 technologies index
Working voltage: AC220V (185V-240V)
Call the police output form: Relay contact
Cautionary limits length: 100 meters
Inductive cable finds a place for span: 0.6 - 1 ﹒ 5 meters
Exploration cable outputs a form: Second line output
Inductive cable finds a place for deepness: 3- - 10 centimeters (according to medium circumstance)
Detector norms: 145 × of 255 × 85
Consume power: Do not be more than 15W (do not add constant temperature implement below the environment)
Environmental temperature: Cable - 40ºC - 60ºC
Lead plane - 40ºC of + of 10ºC - (do not add constant temperature implement)
- 40ºC of + of 40ºC - (add constant temperature implement)
5 systems are summarized
This system by detector and cable of two special inductions two parts are comprised. Inductive cable includes to be not exploration part (namely line of make a present of) with exploration part; The inductive cable that serves as exploration part every nominal length is 100 meters. Detector is A according to different frequency set model with B model, photograph adjacent defence area should be the detector of different type.

2.Working principle
Catapult produces make a present of of high frequency energy to enter in sending used inductive cable, transmit in cable. When energy edge cable is deferent, partial energy is in through inductive cable by cautionary space high frequency electric field is built inside limits, among them one part energy is in by installation the receives expropriation induction cable around is received, form send and receive energy direct coupling. Inside the inductive area that enters two cable to form when the person that inbreak when, the high frequency electric field of the balance is disturbed, cause the change that receives signal, after the wave of filter of number of signal classics enlarge of this change, learn model comparing to be opposite with 14 edges linage, already filter divides interference signal, whether judgement is effective spark signal will decide to whether call the police.
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