Zhejiang will enable exam of radio monitoring judicatory first
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Understanding arrived recently, zhejiang saves exam of national administration of justice to will enable radio monitoring first this year.

As we have learned, exam of national administration of justice regards authoritative legal profession admittance as the mechanism, loading choose and carry legal profession talented person, stimulative department body makes reform, drive wait for main responsibility according to process of law manage state affairs, the exam is cogged in recent years what appear the high-tech that go out to change, the environment that the gang changes a trend to also disturbing national administration of justice to take an exam.

It is reported, zhejiang saves Information Industry hall to will assume radio to guarantee exam order job during judicatory takes an exam this year. September 15 - during 16 days of exams, zhejiang saves the radio of each district to monitor safeguard to will be started in the round completely, in order to make sure exam of national administration of justice has the exam environment of a just fairness.

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