Beijing new advantage: It is OK to brush a bank to get stuck mak
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Can brush phone blocking capture with fixed phone in the home cost, turn Zhang remittance, public phone also can brush silver-colored couplet to get stuck directly can get through, can expend in water and electricity of public phone turn over to the higher authorities even. Yesterday, the lot of strategic cooperation agreement that knows business affairs of as silver-colored as Beijing couplet in Beijing net makes an appointment with ceremonially, both sides is affirmatory, play card of each comfortable network, bank pays the dominant position that reachs the side such as client natural resources, develop relevant collaboration project in the round.

According to introducing, bilateral collaboration involves fixed phone to brush card to pay card of business, bank to pay the store on public phone charge, net to wait.

According to introducing, pay telephone business to had been in test phase, the client should install a special phone that has the chamfer that brush card only, can brush calorie of pay in the home all sorts of utility cost, remaining sum that inquires the bank gets stuck, undertake reimbursement of Zhang, credit card, airline ticket is booked turning wait for an operation. The net connects a respect to express, after waiting for an opportunity to mature, will popularize this kind to pay a phone professional work to whole town citizen. In addition, the net connects a plan to be in was opposite stage by stage before the Olympic Games 2008 the public phone of whole town undertakes transforming, make the user brushs silver-colored couplet to get stuck to be able to make public telephone call.

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