Chinese telecommunication builds dot of monitoring of more than
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Xinhua net Chengdu on September 7 report (Xiao Fang of Feng of reporter Ma Jun) up to by August, company of Chinese telegraphic group already built point of monitoring of video of 60 thousand many networks in the whole nation, apply at 19 industries such as canal of security of society, city, wholesome, fire control, flood prevention, safe production, traffic, finance respectively, business of monitoring of video of this one network, be named to be " global eye " .

The industry of monitoring of video of Chinese telegraphic network that holds in 7 days applies communication to be able to go up, chief of center of construction department information says, to 2010, "Global eye " wait for digitlization city to manage mode to will enclothe city of countrywide ground level. As we have learned, future 3 to 5 years, chinese telecommunication will accelerate executive tradition network to transform a project, the network video monitoring in the course running for the city inside countrywide limits provides reliable service.

In the Chengdu City, the reporter sees, enclothe whole the city zone " global eye " supervisory system, for stable security of society, blow illegal crime made positive contribution. Besides, "Global eye " video monitoring applies bank bar, ATM machine, village, hotel, office building, airport extensively already to wait public.

"Through using " of eye of whole world of Chinese telegraphic " , can focus dispersive before storefront management, realize job of monitoring of round-the-clock, large-scale, raised work efficiency and safety factor greatly. " Chengdu Andrew dark chief of food limited company says.

Business of monitoring of video of Chinese telegraphic network, it is one kind relies on Yu Kuan to take a network to be collected remotely what provide picture for the user, transmit, store, the telegraphic business mode of processing. From already in light of some practice, "Global eye " improving urban government efficiency, and respect of crime of precaution, blow showed larger dominant position.

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