The installation note of wireless gain antenna
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The installation note of wireless gain antenna

If installed wireless transmission system. Discover a problem: Does male of У of full of  of ignoranting beat of banter Yi Piao offspring does vomit making lotus root consider Yun of  of bad ┙ of tip of  of ィ of willful  bud to wring exterminate closely question to be short of Lang of impaludism of lotus root of whistle of Gan of  of offspringing sword of male of barium of А of Ran Xi eight  to knock clumsy Dong bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 to make fun of  along appearance barren model?
Aerial differs to direction has different radiate or receive ability to the space, this is aerial is directional. The basis differs directionally, aerial has complete to and directional two kinds, and the applied domain of antenna of avery kind of is different, because of each has his strong point.
Omnidirectional antenna: Put in order engrave illuminate Le relatively plum of A Chinese-style unlined garment of J of Qu Yun ǔ relatively correct of  of call on of Nao slash  as concubine of an emperor midge of the She nationality of Jie of miasma of mail of Guo of Xu of rare   relatively horsefly is suckled illuminate Jia of  of Chi Pu  illuminate Jia of  of to fold H illuminate a kind of sedge of Xuan of smile take along sth to sb relatively  of Qu abundant 
Directional antenna: Fu of Xing Huan Wo midge of the She nationality of ψ of Zhang of mail of Guo of the Xu that show  ancienting name for a water catltrop relatively horsefly is suckled illuminate Jia of ㄏ of Chi Pu  illuminate to fold 6 ㄏ Jia illuminate Qin ancients name for a water catltrop Chang of left-eyed flounder of  of the school that take an examination of  Jia of divide evenly  illuminate excrement of  of Ji  Lu disrelishs honest poison ah! ? gain: Left-eyed flounder uglies become warped illuminate knock at  of  of bluff of  of deputy dim glow of the setting sun of Chuo of border of the  that be troubled by Tao to owe relatively fact of  of helmet of Si stool   of some hoarse  becomes warped illuminate Ze of ù of figured woven silk material of small cup of mail of tadpole of Le  Xi > fellow of サ of horsefly of < of the frame that seek Dong carries  instruct  bears Qiong

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