Common problem solves transmission system of wireless image soun
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Common problem solves transmission system of wireless image sound

1. Of the model exceed perspective remote control to exceed image of small-sized and wireless voice to transmit a system to be able to make high-grade remote control model increases a pair bright " electronic eye " , implementation exceeds perspective remote control, the bulk as a result of cycle unit and power comsumption are very small, add easily so assemble car model or the interior of boat model, power source can be mixed the control power source of the model is public. Through miniature monitor you should lie on the bed to be able to fly car model to other room only, where to see have without activity? Perhaps drive boat model to the lake in the center of, see the puppy of where. Perhaps install remote control helicopter to go up, from headroom look down at your familiar city.
2. Wireless can inspecting what sell on door looking glass or market of image monitoring system to be able to inspect a doorbell is wired normally transmit, if your household has been decorated, decorate video frequency cable very hard commonly, can use here exceed image of small-sized and wireless voice to transmit a system, show the sound of the doorway, picture through the television come, miniature camera can use the installation that takes sound monitoring function to be in the proper place of the gate, transmit signal through emitter of wireless image sound come over, the AV that receiver of wireless image sound can send a TV set the sound that receives and picture signal inputs socket, a television switch wants to be able to see the bearer of the doorway to AV condition only after you hear doorbell voice so, hear his voice. You also can buy 4 inches or 5 inches liquid crystal monitor is special monitoring. Liquid crystal shows screen has the branch of true colour TFT and bogus colour SNT, the price of bogus colour is very low, have dynamic appearance pulling end, if image changes to be able to blur quickly, basically be dynamic answer time to grow, bogus colour do not suit to show TV picture or VCD, but the image change of monitoring of general security personnel is not acuteness, the colour that use bogus does monitoring it may be said cheap and fine. True colour image colour is gorgeous, the perspective is wide pull end phenomenon without trends, performance is better. But function of different screen of true colour liquid crystal also differs very big, advocate if perspective and color rendition are spent,wait for a problem, must the eye sees for solid! 3. Wireless photograph kinescope to obtain evidence movably the system begins from April 1, 2002, the court is used to patting the evidence that records secretly to give secretly, and here the court is not to grant before approbatory, so wireless photograph kinescope to obtain evidence movably the system has very great economic value. If the video receiver of transform device of wireless voice image outputs signal to send a small-sized family expenses to photograph,record put in machine, can realize the double function of monitoring and kinescope. What city makes work is small-sized photograph collection put machine photograph for digital type 8mm mostly collection put machine of an organic whole, the attention must choose appliance to have imitate signal video / the type of function of output of acoustic frequency input. This kind small-sized photograph collection put machine have 2.5 ~ mostly 4 inches of liquid crystal display screen, show monitoring picture through showing screen is OK, can apply kinescope function to will exceed miniature the image transcribe that wireless electropult dogs comes down, this raises security personnel greatly ability and obtain evidence the effect. The small-sized number that at present city makes work is photographed collection put machine sort a lot of, it is mostly portable, be like DCR  TRV410E, 310E, 210E, 110E, CCD  TRV66E, DCR - TRV900E. Afore-mentioned type although volume is minor, but compared with exceed miniature camera to be gotten greatly however much, and concealment gender and mobile sex are finite. Whole system needs 2 people to cooperate to undertake blast off and be receptioned operating, at the same time 2 people distance keeps wireless from beginning to end the limits of actual and effective distance that send and receive, can roam dog target and undertake real time monitoring, collect kinescope and recording well and truly according to need, this agrees with not only security personnel domain, still can use at needing to undertake all sorts of science of sexual monitoring make an on-the-spot investigation going from place to place dogging to wait for a circumstance.
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