Wireless image sound transmits extensive use of the system
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Wireless image sound transmits extensive use of the system

Transmission system of wireless voice image is to have wireless blast off to be sent and receive with what receive function of image, sound machine, wireless supervisory system solved traditional and fixed catapult to cannot move monitoring, wired monitoring needs to cross a river, cross mountain, cross the building inadequacy that expends manpower, material resources. The processing when the sectional outdoors such as unit of this system facilitating armed police, fire control, public security, shipping, traffic, news works breaks out incident, launch synchronism of what is actually happening to receive a center to undertake monitor and be directinged attempering.
At present more commonly used wireless image sound transmits working frequency of the system to have: 0.9G 1.2G 1.3G 2.4G, among them the working frequency of 0.9G system and GSM (hand-hold portable telephone) systematic frequency is adjacent, had better not use in the city so, 1.2G system application gains ground most, and function of the ability of penetrable fraise, diffraction is close friends than 2.4G system, so commonly used Yu Zhonggong leads emissive system, 2.4G ~ 2.4835GHz belongs to S frequency paragraph, this frequency paragraph also call ISM (Industry Science Medical) namely frequency of industrial science medical treatment paragraph, belong to frequency of industrial freedom radiate paragraph, do not accept radio committee restriction, won't cause harm to human body health. Trouble of Duan Gan of this job frequency is little, picture quality transmission effect is better, at present application gains ground more and more, defect is transmission distance closer.
Wireless image sound transmits a system to want appropriative receiver to receive ability to see image harmony news, confidential function is so very good, and won't disturb common TV receive. The working frequency of transmission system of wireless image sound is in commonly 0.9G above, belong to small wave band, the transmission character of the radio wave of small wave band is linear apparent distance is transmitted commonly, if among keep out content passes diffuse reflection commonly or diffraction undertakes transmission, can reduce transmission distance greatly, in be being used so as far as possible it is good between receiver and catapult that keep out is jumped over lesser, if cannot avoid keep out to be able to undertake compensating through raising the method of the emissive power of catapult, but also be to suffer technical condition to restrict.

Wireless image sound transmits a system to have a lot of variety according to launching power and equipment performance, can undertake a choose and buy according to need:

Wireless image sound transmits extensive use of the system:

0. Supervisory system of wireless security personnel

This is the biggest utility of this module, have confidential sex strong, province of bad news report, volume is minor, the advantage that the surface hides, the place that can use is really too much. Catapult and receiver use communication power supply, cooperate SS2000CA color camera to be able to form a whole wireless monitoring system. If cooperate person check-up to measure circuit, if radar inbreaks sensor, hot commentate electric sensor detects human body, start circuit of encode of wireless remote control when the person enters monitoring area, give out to switch on the mobile phone instruction, the videocorder of open distance undertakes kinescope, if match a few emissive heads more (4 the following) put in different room, the method that can use change channel in sink will monitor by turns many rooms.
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