Function of transmission system of control of wireless cloud sta
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Control of wireless cloud stage transmits a system (instruction of wireless cloud stage is transmitted) function and apply

The controller of wireless cloud stage that Shenzhen city Pu Zhida science and technology produces (instruction of wireless cloud stage is transmitted) , basically use at monitoring how to prevent the wireless control of the camera in the system and cloud stage, it is dictated by the number receiver (contain decoder) the composition with catapult of wireless number instruction, controallable camera lens of stage of cloud of room inside and outside, dynamoelectric scorch, camera and shield, main characteristic is as follows: Transmission rate: 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800bps
The transparent signal with speech or compatible data is transmitted
Frequency Duan Fan surrounds 150MHz, 230MHz, 350MHz, 450MHz
Can set 256 frequency point, every frequency nods removed 25KHZ (standard)
Receive, send an organic whole, digital imitate signal all can be sent, switch is quick
Frequency is sent and receive to be able to be the same as frequency already in sky, also but different frequency
Structure of double Suo Xianghuan, double VCO, tall stability
Controller of wireless cloud stage (instruction of wireless cloud stage is transmitted) interior uses entrance result to put module, emissive power is adjustable (0.5 ~ 5W) )
(Can transmit 200 meters to arrive 30 kilometers)
Controller of wireless cloud stage (instruction of wireless cloud stage is transmitted) interface uses standard TTL, RS232 (or 485) n, can control clavier or personal computer repeatedly continuously
Crust of SMT craft, stainless steel, bulk cabinet, installation is convenient, but outside receive carbon fin
Take TNC antenna interface oneself, can launch even aerial continuously
Index accords with national level
The test method according to that technical index place uses " mobile " 90 " series standard "
All-around cloud stage control and automatic function
Can accuse camera lens aperture, focusing to reach change times size
Can accuse camera power source and lamplight
Optional choose camera lens is losing control voltage
Auxiliary relay can make other control use
Round-the-clock model design
Extremely high performance/price ratio is wireless cloud stage controller (instruction of wireless cloud stage is transmitted) functional brief introduction
Signal controls a fashion
Through dictating in order to affirm to the scanning of clavier, via the statement firing by instruction catapult after encode, provide indication address by the number.
The control of cloud platform shot
Can be opposite through clavier of cloud stage on, below, left, right, reach camera lens aperture, focusing automatically, change times wait for a movement to undertake controlling.
Power supply
But by inside buy can fill batteries power supply or by outside receive power source power supply. And by outside receive power source to charge to batteries.
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