Intelligence of writing wisdom parking lot turns management
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Intelligence of parking lot of limited company of science and technology of writing wisdom intelligence changes Shenzhen administrative system is used at present IC blocks the blame contact such as the most advanced Mifare on international, EM, 2.4G, TI radio frequency technology, collect car detects, monitoring of computer network, video, pattern recognition and processing and automata technology at an organic whole, execute to the car of discrepancy parking lot full automatic turn management. The system includes: Automata of discrepancy of automatic hairpin, car, car retrieve, model and plate image contrast, computer is automatic couplet net runs clew of speech of plan cost, computer, many passageway wait for a function, have convenient and quick, collect fees accurate and reliable, confidential sex good, sensitivity tall, function is powerful wait for numerous advantage. Satisfy not only jockey the requirement with user convenient, quick, safe pass in and out, at the same time can the service level that huge raises property management company and company image, make a when safe and civilized village builds main component.

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