How is the family prevented call the police product analysis and
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As our country " comprehensive well-off " build pace accelerate, the standard of living of people had very big rise, but meanwhile, the fluidity of social population increased greatly, social structure and security of society are complex with each passing day, accordingly, people takes the safety of domestic life property seriously more and more. Traditional mechanical (window of net of guard against theft, guard against theft) lived in defensive system to reveal a lot of hidden danger in be used actually, national make known to lower levels " the proposal that prohibits installing network of guard against theft about be in residential village " middle finger goes out, net of guard against theft brought a lot of issues, for example of the appearance of a city beautiful, fire is the following flee for one's life and offer for the criminal cross a condition to wait a moment, how is the family prevented so must new system, new method can offer corresponding means of settlement.
The change quickly of science and technology, computer technology is in of the whole world gain ground, in the cry that intelligence changes a village to live to happiness in people rise abruptly quickly, make the hair that how the family defends a product showed unprecedented change showpiece. Village security system already from this locality to long-range development, the periphery from Xiaoou to core -- the family draws close gradually. Guard against theft of new intelligence family calls the police the system basically carries magnetic head, infra-red, gas, coal in inductive end feeling, glass is broken wait for detector to come the change with unusual induction, arrive when inductor induction when unusual situation, automatically alarm affection is sent to relevant section and personnel, so that get seasonable processing, reduce personal casualty and belongings loss.
According to national statistic, china is full of estate to be being formed, this part family door all year income 56 thousand yuan of above, population makes an appointment with 44.6 million person, many 1400, occupy the 10 % of urban population, the 3.5 % of total population, occupy whole society to consume purchasing power summation 5 trillion yuan 17 % left and right sides, because this basically is aimed at the family of this part person to call the police,its market gross is the system 14 million, total market size is 28 billion yuan. Fall in this kind of circumstance just about, come nearly two years, the family calls the police systematic selling quantity and total sales appear to involve the tendency that rise continuously, annual growth range is in 30% above, as people safety consciousness rise, can more person selected are used call the police system, 2002 market gross reachs the level that approachs 1.4 billion yuan, total selling quantity is 700 thousand.
Existing family calls the police the system can divide the net that it is couplet model and sheet door two kinds big. Couplet net form community for the center with the village namely model guard against theft calls the police center, the public security of the village and administration are handled by special property section, owner reduced trouble back at home. This is each business emphasis that big businessman strives for, because its cover a range big, the user is much, convenient promotion, basically apply at building a village, user idea facilitates accept. Sheet door be police face declares to did not form unified opinion in guard against theft when whole village, some users are willing to install, some users are not willing to install, so call the police to hoping to install guard against theft systematic user, can use sheet door structure, on the other hand, old village transforms the question with very much existence, need of couplet net system is new wiring, reinstall, also need sheet door model will transfer. Accordingly sheet door system also has quite large market share, this basically depends on the oneself quality of specific user and economic capacity.
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