Guard against theft calls the police the industry publicizes an
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As a result of in last few years economic development, make the standard of living of people rises ceaselessly, also brought up the not stable element that difference of the rich and the poor crosses big, society now to increase meanwhile. To assure the belongings of people and person safety, high-tech is on guard the home that the system took common common people quickly, also brought up giant fortune vacuum to how prevent the market, especially the requirement that the occurrence of warning apparatus of wireless guard against theft satisfied one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight business chance. To promote oneself product to the market, appeared individual business exceeding is exaggerated its enterprise and product, make the product good and evil people mixed up of the market. Point out now a few more typical, make consumer operator and consumer avoid suffer misdirect:
1, excessive and exaggerated " danger of product quality responsibility " applied model prepares. "Danger of product quality responsibility " the stunt of a kind of conduct propaganda that just is an enterprise, and what it assumes only is product itself happen in use process " fire, explosion " the belongings loss that cause and a kind of danger that person harms are planted (a bit person of knowledge of a bit electron can know, input voltage to will never produce these two kinds of situations for the electronic product under 12V) , and do not include in product use process " pilfer, grab " the loss of and so on. This matter asks to know to Chinese insurance company.
2, the function of excessive and exaggerated product: Infra-red exploration product is absolutely 0 call the police by accident (including product of for military use to assure completely impossibly also in the world now is 0 sign up for by accident) .
3, low of product of excessive conduct propaganda, the body that everybody knows electronic product is an electron yuan parts of an apparatus (one class is tasted is with " raise " be an unit, seconds is with " jin " be an unit) . The price of some products actually the cost price under the product, shoddy, the quality of in that way product cans be imagined. Do not object low also having good product, but good product scarcely is met of low.
When is above more typical, when hoping broad operator and consumer are choosing a system of fixed quotas for grain production to taste, must polish oneself eye.
Limited company of Shenzhen city An Tejia science and technology is domestic dimensions major is engaged in guard against theft calling the police system and the manufacturer of large and professional development that how prevent product research and development, production, sale to be an organic whole. 80% above export the product. As China large guard against theft calls the police the product produces base, the company owns the plant that covers an area of a face to accumulate 2500 square metre, many 300 employee, have include to bind calm machine, stick a machine to wait advanced full automatic SMT automation line sticks an equipment, production facilities, detect equipment, have department of independent research and development, perfect after service network. Company product applies extensively at living in the sectional industry such as property of large building of the residence, office, village, electric power, traffic, oil, chemical industry, coal, railroad, municipal, public security how to prevent device, data to monitor and long-range supervisory system. The company has won Chinese state now mandatory CCC attestation, be judged to be project of Shenzhen city high-tech, also obtained the international attestation such as CE, R&TTE, TUV, FCC, UL and ISO9001 company quality to manage systematic attestation at the same time. Join in accept insurance of People's Insurance Company of China produces character to measure responsibility risk, actual strength of An Tejia company is more first what be on an industry, join in An Tejia, we with with successful handclasp!
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