How is electron of commodity of choose and buy prevented steal a
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The topic about commodity guard against theft and discuss, each district has begin. I think to should impose university standard besides the businessman, use statute weapon will protect his, execute the law mechanism increases the strength that execute the law beyond, one very important is a businessman should be good at using method of contemporary electron science and technology and relevant government the interest that method will come to to protect oneself.
Commodity electron is prevented steal a system (EAS) since taking the lead in introducing in Shenzhen from 1993, already experienced development of 7 years and applied history in home. Come 7 years, the businessman application to this technology, can saying is praise or blame has. A lot of businessmen agree with effect of its guard against theft, can reduce commodity to lose loss really; At the same time also partial businessman thinks: On one hand systematic installation cost is too high, practical effect and installation cost photograph are compared not be to one's profit; On the other hand, product quality and performance are not steady, often appear a few your businessmen are very awkward the situation with passivity. Light criterion the client is complained, go up again court and let media exposure. As a whole, the application of this technology is gaining ground quickly, had become the necessary establishment of market of condition of certain line of business. Now, the whole nation has application besides Tibetan area. Before equipment of EAS of our choose and buy, answer to know the effect of guard against theft of EAS first. From the point of precautionary crime respect, the mainest effect of EAS depends on his detering force, the person that lets have pilfer idea or idea does not want defy the law. Deter the effect to should take practical total effect 70% the left and right sides; The effect of additionally 30% depends on EAS can those intercept defy the law person.
How should the businessman come is electron of commodity of choose and buy prevented steal a system (EAS) ? We think can consider from the following respects.
1 system is designed
In the effect of guard against theft that understood EAS 70% after coming from Yu Wei be awed, according to market position and industry condition, choose accurate system to devise plan, can achieve effect of first-rate guard against theft and price to compare. Will tell normally, convenience inn, brand shop, professional inn, include dress shop, sound to be in like the business area such as inn the shop of hundreds of square metre, adopt total exit to detect protective means. And bazaar of type of large and integrated supermarket, shopping centers, storage, suit to use type of passageway receiving silver to detect protective means, similar Le Fu elephantine the home the installation means of each inn. Two kinds of means, OK the guard against theft that will be used at unit business area is devoted, include equipment investment and the devoted control of the personnel that prevent damage to be inside certain limits, and burglarproof deterrence effect can increase apparently again. Press our experience, the devoted control of the equipment of EAS guard against theft of business area of every square metre is in 100 yuan of less than, business area is larger, cost of its installation cost is lower.
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