WD Caviar RE and RE2 hard disk but can holds the post of greatly
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All sorts of number video use the consumptive large family that is high capacity hard disk all the time, this is with digital video monitoring especially among them very. The system that is based on tape quickly from the tradition as monitoring kinescope technology changes the number that is based on hard disk to storage system, bigger and bigger also to the demand of high capacity hard disk. J.P. Freeman company announces at the beginning of this year March " market of global kinescope monitoring reported 2006 " predict, the market of equipment of kinescope of monitoring of global factory class is 4.5 billion dollar, average year compound increase rate is achieved 18% ; If deduct the imitate part in the market to analyse digital system technically, average year compound increase rate will be achieved nearly 42% . Accordingly, manufacturer of each old hard disk very value this one market, a thick soup of appetent cent cup.

The main job of the hard disk in digital video supervisory system is continual transcribe video flows, and machine the task without very high to visitting ability to ask randomly editor, the rotate speed of 7200RPM is so full, size nature is bigger better. However, this does not mean you to be able to use the common ATA/SATA hard disk that faces desktop user design.

In system of a lot of electrons, hard disk is the component with top fault rate (also be at least " one of " ) , because there is the mechanical share that high speed moves inside it, the odds of occurrence attaint wants than pure electronic circuit a lot of bigger. According to not complete count, the breakdown of hardware of videocorder of digital hard disk of more than 60% comes from at hard disk. More serious problem is, hard disk just is digital video data save the land. because such, to digital video supervisory system, the problem of hard disk can bring about finally: The systematic delay machine of the Party A user such as the bank, important data is missing; Damage DVR (digital video videocorder) the brand image of the manufacturer, raise after service question; Increase project business to serve cost, reduce profit... wait for a series of serious consequence. This shows, the supervisory system of video of word of hard disk logarithm that has high reliability is how important!

Data Caviar RE is mixed western RE2 series hard disk, use a design for stability of supervisory system draft only, buildup reliability can be offerred below the environment of expensive laden and successive work, create a condition for kinescope of high-definition clear number, make monitoring DVR character more on one step, monitoring of true implementation annual does not have the resting monitoring that do not have care.

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Place says before no less than, stability and high reliability should be put in the first. Digital video supervisory system needs to keep big file continuously inside a long time, must have very tall stability, and maintained locomotive condition year in year out to raise very tall requirement to dependability again. The Caviar RE of WD and RE2 series hard disk have the reliability of server hard disk, can be competent 7 annual of 24 × ask without resting job, among them Caviar RE issues MTBF in the working load of 80% (mean time between failure) for 1 million hours, RE2 can have the MTBF that is as high as 1.2 million hours below the working load of 100% more.
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