What kind of switching equipment just is the safest
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Safe switching equipment, the new cosset of network group, the network enters the mouth defend the person that close, annals is in raise bolo to all insecure elements.

The arrival of network times makes the existence of the problem; virus that safe problem becomes an urgent need to solve, hacker and various flaw, make secure job becomes extremely formidable in network times.

Switching equipment has important place in intranet, it is the core place of whole network normally. Inbreak in this hacker the network times of indulge in wilful persecution of like a rising wind and scudding clouds, virus, the switching equipment that serves as core also the one share responsibility that of course wants to assume safety of hauling sth resembling a net. Accordingly, switching equipment should have the property of professional and safe product, what safety has become network construction to must consider is heavy in in. Safe switching equipment from this emerge as the times require, compositive in switching equipment safe attestation, ACL(Access Control List, the visit dominates list) , firewall, inbreak detect the function that gases defence even, the safety of the network needs really " arm tooth " .

Meaning of three-layer of safe switching equipment
The effect with the mainest switching equipment is transmit data, in the hacker attack and virus harrass fall, switching equipment wants to be able to continue to carry its efficient data transmit rate, the interference that is not atttacked, the basiccest safe function that this is need of switching equipment place. In the meantime, switching equipment serves as the core of whole network, should can undertake to visit and the user that access network news attributive is controlled distinguishing mixing. More important is, switching equipment still should cooperate other network safety, to be not accredit visit and network attack undertake monitoring is mixed prevent.

The new function of safe switching equipment

802.1x strengthens safe attestation

In environment of traditional local area network, want to have join port of physics only, without the network of accredit equipment can receive a local area network, perhaps can pass join to enter a network to the equipment of the local area network without the user of accredit. Caused potential safe menace to a few enterprises so. Additional, in the network of the school and intelligent village, because involve the plan cost of the network, the lawful sex that so user of test and verify receives also appears very important. IEEE 802.1x solves the fine medicine of this problem just about, at present already by compositive in 2 intelligence switching equipment, finish pair of users receive safe examine and verify.

802.1x agreement is to just finish a of standardization local area network that accords with part of IEEE 802 agreement to accept control agreement, its call the visit that is based on port to dominate a deliberation completely. It can offer a kind to have the medium of attestation and accredit to the user of the local area network to join on the base that uses dominant position of IEEE 802 local area network, achieved accept lawful user to be received, protect the purpose of network safety.
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