Thief can escape without the road 2000 yuan make family expenses
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Mention supervisory system, the company level system that we often can associate to be configured case of professional, high price, high, but the nowadays development as IT course of study, supervisory system also gains ground to come gradually, the author saw recently two supervisory system, price only 2100 yuan, average household also can be bought use.

System of DV of monitoring of shift of eye of this acute that bring country is mixed by lead plane photograph like the head two parts are comprised. Lead plane uses tall intelligence embedded system, safety is stable, and can prevent a hacker inbreak illegally. Be worth what carry is, the computer is not depended on in monitoring process, suit a non-professional to use. And pass leader only catch video with respect to active voice. Hard disk of shift of jotter of 30GB of the buy inside lead plane, realize high capacity memory thereby. This lead plane can receive refute two 300 thousand photograph like element like the head, with format of 640*480 resolution MPEG-4 real time trends takes picture, and pass USB 2.0 interface and join of computer lead plane, view monitoring data thereby.

This intelligence supervisory system and professional equipment are compared, the price cheap, installation operation of simple, Plug and Play, one key, and bulk is cabinet facilitate concealment use. If you think,play play intelligent monitoring to might as well consider this product.

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