Chongqing hands in high meeting: Dactylogram IC card is put an e
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Drive school the class hour that forges student, student " soft over- " become " driveway killer " , such example is very much. Hand in high on the meeting, one kind drive distinctly school time groom the system is right " driveway killer " had source put an end to.

The reporter sees, this kind of system has smaller part only the telephone call is big, lade on board, after student records a vehicle, must identify through dactylogram ability whether him student is learning a car, and if the class hour of final count is insufficient, student is cannot from what drive school graduate, the branch that make a valve also can judge this student accordingly whether class hour is insufficient. After student hand holds steering wheel, it is OK to start this system the timely driving speed that essence of life shows student definitely with liquid crystal number and the time that learn a car, the responsibility of the accident checks the traffic that this causes to new student to also huge is helped. Current, chongqing city minority is driven school already began to use this system.

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