Inductive cable perimeter calls the police system
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The detector of perimeter induction cable that develops development independently by limited company of electron of Wuhan much general, this detector and other detector are different, it is to use medium the principle that changeable electric field distributings, cause inductive electric field to produce change when the object stands by inductive cable, spark instantly inductive detector generates alarm signal. Its characteristic has function to stabilize, installation is convenient, sexual price is compared tall. This detector is OK with market any brands call the police lead plane is compatible, and pass RS485 port and go up a machine have news report. On special Windows software can have withdraw from a defended position to defence area, place troops on garrison duty, cautionary, online monitor, store automatically call the police information, undertake printing to information independently. Realized personal computer to be controlled remotely.
2 scope of application
This product applies to a jail extensively, detention house, villatic, airport, oil depot, breed a factory, orchard, dock, museum, intelligent village is waited a moment.
3 systems characteristic
The 1 perimeter that should read aloud newly calls the police system and resist photograph union
2 can get used to all sorts of complex landform not to take dead space.
3 insensate harms.
4 functions are powerful, prevent the ability that defeat a bosom strong, stand by, break a string, cross can spark call the police.
5RS485 port realized personal computer of much defence area to be controlled remotely.
6 go up a machine use Windows friendly interface, have withdraw from a defended position to defence area, place troops on garrison duty, real time is online monitoring.
7 store automatically call the police information, print independently.
8 use advanced computer compositive system, overcome traditional detector security to differ, the defect with loud rate of false alarm.

4 technologies index
DP---100A induction detector prevents area length: < 100 meters
DP---100B induction detector prevents area length: < 200 meters
DP---100C induction detector prevents area length: < 300 meters
Inductive cable counts: 3
Inductive distance: < 20cm
Input voltage: AC220V
Rated power: < 15W
Working temperature: - 40 ℃- - 50 ℃
Working relative humidity: < 95%
5 systems are installed
4 construction measure
Of A bracket make with installation
Use data 4 angle iron of 40 × , length 800CM, anticorrosive processing. Use expand bolt secures his at wall body coping. Bracket span 4M, and keep perpendicular. If plan institute shows:

The installation of B insulator
Will special insulation is ordinal with bolt fixed and strong fatigue originallies.
The installation of C induction line
Line of will special induction is taut colligation go up at insulator, inductive line connects first paragraphs with emissive line, extreme open a way. Inductive cable should take up, and 3 parallel induction cable should have identical degree of tightness spend, lest make cable swings and be caused because of weather,sign up for by accident.
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