The market analysis of system of domestic intelligence guard aga
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Domestic intelligence changes guard against theft to call the police the system is a kind of very peculiar product. Be being told from the technology is it seems that very much the same, but each has his strong point, let a person expensively cannot be accepted, make a person cheaply mysterious, if dilettante personage selects this kind of product,be to be at a loss really; Be being told from the market is the heat inside the circle, outside the circle cold, the personage inside course of study thinks the future is bright and the true user on the market knows without a few again. Invest this industry to have market outlook after all? How should when involving investment truly, do again quite with the analysis? These issues are other all the time the person is confused...

One, market current situation

As social development, rural town is changed and personnel fluidity increases, state of security of society more hasten is complex, because this serves as main unit of the society -- domestic safety is on guard the problem appears particularly important. Traditional mechanical (window of net of guard against theft, guard against theft) household defense reveals an a few hidden danger in be used actually, of make known to lower levels of the State Council of no less than " the proposal that prohibits installing network of guard against theft about residential village " middle finger goes out, the issue that net of guard against theft brings: ⑴ influence building is beautiful, the appearance of a city is neat; ⑵ affects fire rescuing channel; ⑶ crosses a condition to what the criminal offers advantage; ⑷ time became long the risk that can have headroom dropping thing; ⑸ depresses human freedom. The household safety guard against theft that serves as high-tech so calls the police system with respect to emerge as the times require, be mixed increasingly by extensive attention apply. Additional, change construction for intelligence of village of farther normative residence, construction department is special the grade standard that established intelligent village, ask according to its, safety must be had to be on guard in intelligent village, the system such as information management, property management and website sth resembling a net. The necessary project that because this village safety is on guard,systematic construction already brought into a lot of villages to build gradually is medium. It is with Shenzhen exemple, almost all newly-built residential building dish installed system of guard against theft beforehand, prohibit installing network of guard against theft, and and other places of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wen Zhou, Nanchang is expenditure more heavy gold dismantled web of guard against theft, function of its guard against theft must be finished by system of electronic guard against theft. Accordingly, how does the family prevent a system to be sure to have very great progress, and also will wait from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong develop the city spreads upcountry, form a brand-new sunny industry.
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