Photograph skill of choose and buy resembling a head: 5 criterio
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Current, computer has made the indispensable one part in our life, to perfect the function of computer, each manufacturer also consider to produce the circumjacent goods of computer ceaselessly, be like printer, the peripheral such as scanner and digital product got the attention of increasing person and favour. The number is photographed resembling a head is to popularize a the fastest kind among them.

In broadband network popularity today, use photograph like the head we can see far the friend in skyline, had truly " skyline is like near neighbour " feeling. However a lot of friends are not much still to photographing the understanding that resemble, so how does the choose and buy suit what he uses to photograph resemble a head?

The choice photographs 5 criterion that resemble a head

Normally the circumstance falls, in photograph outer packing of product resembling a head can see on the box a series of technical parameter, be like the biggest resolution, right anxious limits, is having those places so are we advertent?

One, sensitive implement

This can be to absorb the heart share that resembles a head, important cannot again important. Photograph commonly can divide like the head it is two kinds, it is CCD(Charge Coupled Device) , only a bit more high-grade photograph ability resembling a head to use this kind of sensitization implement, it has sensitivity tall, fight shake, volume is minor wait for an advantage, but price side is opposite also taller; 2 it is CMOS(Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) , it has the characteristic of low power comsumption, low cost, but resolution, the respect such as dynamic limits and noise is goodish. As a whole CCD is become want prep above CMOS like level and quality. When we recommend high-end user to buy, should consider to use CCD sensitization above all implement product, of course, you need price respect to be paid more a bit.

2, resemble element

Value resembling element also is divisional a main factor that photographs stand or fall resembling a head, inchoate number is photographed basic like the head it is the 100 thousand product that resembles element, because technical standard is relative not tall, had been the product that fall into disuse at present. Product of market main trend is in more now left and right sides of 300 thousand value resembling element, be in so big below the support that resembles element, man Quanbing often can be hit when photographing job resembling a head (640 × 480) , intercept had advantaged advantage when single width picture.

3, into count like speed and frame

Because photograph,use at the network to chat like the head, become so fast like speed very important also, and into depend on like speed photograph the integral configuration that resembles a head, so not simply camera lens, the configuration that photographs other like the head component also decided to photograph the stand or fall that resembles a head. Photograph tectonic like the head body besides camera lens important is inductor, data processing implement with periphery circuit.
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