Room tegument moves XC-1XT of detector of type of infrared micro
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☆ prevents pet to amount to 80 pounds
2/4 of ☆ optional pulse
☆ room external use is infra-red type of microwave double mirror
☆ is trichromatic indicator light: Microwave, yellow, infra-red, green, call the police, gules
☆ microwave detects limits is adjustable
☆ prevents Lei Fang to tear open
Waterproof gasket is set inside ☆ , can get used to the environment outdoor more
☆ can choose sheet to use infrared ray
Two alarm signal output ☆
Range of ☆ job temperature is bigger: - ℃ of 26 ℃ ~ 50

Use range:

This product applies to the more complex environment outdoor to install, special strengthened waterproof character has stronger suiting to the soup outdoor ability, the exploration way of double mirror type can be efficient decrease to sign up for by accident, the courtyard entrance door that can use extensively at separate villa, village, factory to wait, the need such as garage door is on guard the applied place of larger space, through choosing the lens that distributes long and narrow form, the OK applying explore way that those who be screen sign type, the security that uses extensively at window of of all kinds door is on guard.

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