German development changes traffic to control a system into inte
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Not long ago, german scientist development goes the liaison man that a kind of preliminary intelligence dies to control a system, the system can imitate system of unripe fetish classics to handle the way of visual message, come the car discharge information of operation analysis crossroad, help transportation management department coordinates road condition.
Nowadays, the feasible method that street wagon flow measures count of traffic management department is inductor is installed on road surface. But install an inductor to be cost not only on the road in a market that already built tremendous, and can measure a motor vehicle amount only, cannot obtain speed information.

Intelligence changes traffic to controlled a system to overcome these weakness fitly, it is mixed by digital camera, common personal computer board card comprises an image information processing. Digital camera films the traffic situation of crossroad, undertake analytic assessment to picture news by the computer, earnings result can convey to control a center to traffic, also can be located in after manage, direct traffic light transition directly by the computer. On software, german scientist draws lessons from biology to judge the way that chooses visual message to excogitate algorithm of a kind of program. Through this kind algorithm can be judged go out to there will be how many car and lorry to be able to pass crossroad respectively inside proper time, the travelling speed of these car how, they expect how many time before red light, push the crowded rate with street cipher out.

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