Steel car " super weapon " decoder PK warning apparatus
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It may be said is to go up have policy, there is the way to deal with a situation below, while product of electron of guard against theft of science and technology popularizes application, high-tech cuts solution burglarproof product also emerge as the times require, the time that the criminal commits the crime shortens from a few hours a few seconds, impossible to defend effectively of true it may be said.

Car of steel of program of the computer since Shanghai head system of guard against theft of 120 seconds breach

Take a fancy to the high-grade car of roadside berth, open door with tailor-made tool, hook up the computer that carries car computer program, through " the hacker inbreaks program " system of guard against theft of the car that defeat solution, drive subsequently decamp. Process of whole steel car is not worth 120 seconds.

This a series of movements, lao Hu and bell city already were do a familiar work with ease. From this year come first in March case hair, two people use this one method, the area such as peaceful, Min Hang grows to steal 9 Guangzhou one after another in this city this cropland car.

13 days, procuratorate of Min travel area arrests fatigue, bell with be suspected of larceny approving two people. Inquisitor expresses, this is Shanghai discovers first with " the hacker inbreaks " means steals a car, to this high-tech guilty method still does not have a technology to be on guard at present measure.

System of guard against theft of 120 seconds breach

The Lao Hu that uses method of such high-tech crime and bell city are Anhui farmer unexpectedly, two people are only " hobby " it is before dawn carrying computer package on the back to be on the ave gad.

High-tech " decoder " car letting pilfer much " wicked hand "

Increase as what police hits strength, and car advocate be on guard recognizant buildup, the door of primitive window smashing a car, prize means that steals car property already " moss-grown " , the reporter learns from red in relief police yesterday, the illegal element of be blinded by gain also is being updated ceaselessly commit the crime method and tool, high-tech electron product " decoder " appear sadly, make steel car becomes more concealment.

According to red in relief police introduces, several days ago Lv town produced event of have things stolen of the article inside the car one case. Accident that evening, after a bathroom that car principal and subordinate should press down comes out, discover the 4 cars window of car of him Ao Di is opened wide entirely, the article inside the car has flip through apparently trace, this car advocate call the police rapidly. Policeman of local police station checks discovery through the spot, the costly property inside the car already disappeared completely, but door and car window are in good condition nondestructive, car advocate show car key to prove to did not leave a body all the time, around masses also says to did not hear car warning apparatus to give out any sound. Place alarm the discovery after personnel and relevant professional are analysed, this is the case that illegal element uses high-tech electron product to carry out theft.
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