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The digital sound video that develops independently according to China writes decipher standard (AVS) is in after making national standard one year, make the one part of documentation of job of IPTV international standard eventually.

The reporter gave AVS working group the know in the group leader's incoming letter from Ghassem Koleyni of group leader of ITU-T FG IPTV a few days ago, part of video of AVS of standard of code of source of the 2nd acting letter has entered the country that our country owns own intellectual property working group of ITU-T FG IPTV the output documentation of WG6 of the 4th conference, become one of forms of encode of 4 optional video. This means AVS to had succeeded by international report couplet (ITU) labels frame of IPTV international standard in main component.

As we have learned, since AVS standard made Chinese standard in March 2006 oneself, already was in large-scale industrialization now start period, apply at the domain such as monitoring of communication of TV of high definition number, network TV, multimedia, video. The company that joins AVS industry alliance at present already achieved 28, participate in AVS level working group to make standard unit achieve many 160.

Last year in September, the AVS level working group that ITU-T admits our country formally is the cooperative organization of ITU-T of international report couplet, 35 are referred respectively in 3 meetings that Chinese enterprise holds in IPTV focus working group, 56 51 portion, manuscript, exceeded 1/3 of all manuscript. In November, take the lead by MII, net of MII telecommunication academy, China tells manufacturer of upper reaches of group academy, AVS, country large trial showing a network starts the AVS industrialization that manufacturer of main IPTV system manufacturer and country's biggest terminal of a few home appliance enlists support formally.

It is reported, chinese telecommunication plans to will develop the IPTV test that is based on AVS in Shanghai this year in June. If this test undertakes successful, the process that accelerates industrialization of our country AVS greatly.

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