Quantity of the national power in studying measure is advanced i
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Standard, it is to examine not only one of important basises of own innovation achievement, also be the main factor that decides the market is behaved. IPTV, regard the whole world as a burgeoning heat domain, from guide period the trend grows period. In this one phase, IPTV relative standard stands really, will drive IPTV industry effectively to enter great progress phase not only, will produce profound effect to IPTV market structure more. China, having the good user base that IPTV expands, although go up to be later than abroad a bit in business promotion, but maintained the level with world synchronism and even measurable lead however in IPTV level field. The own innovation strategy that China formulates, ; of effectiveness of play of domain of rate preexistence IPTV is in IPTV level field, chinese force is rising abruptly!

IPTV standard studies measure is advanced

IPTV regards 3 nets as shirt-sleeve child, decided the complexity of IPTV system. Current, although true but operation, can manage, but the standard returns the IPTV business with the unified whole world that each other operates to was not built, but IPTV standard research has started, be in measure to advance in.

IPTV standard considers to involve much home Organization for Standardization. Current, sex of each country border and regional communication kind Organization for Standardization, adopted without one exception go up oneself the design method that be down, the key that standardizes IPTV the job first is put in but the demand of the IPTV business of operation and framework respect, the standardization that begins other side according to the circumstance next works. Face numerous Organization for Standardization, to boost IPTV level systematically research works, international report couplet (ITU-T) held water this year " IPTV focus group " (FGIPTV) , draft in order to coordinate with what urge global IPTV standard with formulate. ITU-T expresses, "IPTV focus group " main task is to coordinate what undertaking at present all sorts of standard formulate work, urge all sorts of existing systems implementation is compatible, so that broadcast, TV, communication and network serve,wait for each relevant industry begins shirt-sleeve professional work.

Review 2006, it is one of level sex positive result that IPTV standard studies to obtain to the specific definition of IPTV. The ITU-TFGIPTV that holds in Korea boiler hill on the 2nd conference, the definition of IPTV is able to make clear: IPTV is deferent on IP network include TV, video, text, graph and data to wait, the can run multimedia business that provides QoS/QoE, safe, alternant sex and dependability. In addition, the conference still put forward preliminary draft with respect to the demand of IPTV and systematic framework, receive draft resolution draft in all 157.

Chinese play is important urge action

The active follow-up that China studies to IPTV standard, agree not only and urged the step with international IPTV ongoing Organization for Standardization, and in certain domain somewhat lead. Be in early in August 2005, chinese communication standardizes association (CCSA) established special working group of IP and IPTV of multimedia job committee namely, the research that started pair of IPTV standards and make the work. The unit that joins IPTV special working group included the domestic and international all company that pursues IPTV business operation, development and research at present almost. In May 2006, IPTV special working group was started again " IPTV to bearing the weight of the technology of the net asks " , " content, business and network safety " , " network management and business government " , " business operation platform " , " terminal test is normative " the research that waits for 12 relative standard works. To accelerate the research process of international Organization for Standardization effectively, chinese general somewhat the IPTV occupation standard of lead and achievement of national level research refer relevant international Organization for Standardization, in striving to let more China study achievement enters international standard, go. For this, CCSA established below IPTV special working group in May 2006 " international level group " , be in charge of technically submitting the research positive result of CCSA ITU-T.
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