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Technical index
Parameter description
Index of systematic quota system
Video inputs interface 4
Network interface RJ45, 10/100M suits oneself
Image makes type PAL/NTSC
Compress means MPEG-4
Resolution is highest 704*576, standard 352*288, be down adjustable
Frame rate 25 frame / second / road, be down adjustable, NTSC makes type 30 frame / second / road
Compressibility trends picture restricts 100M/ hour, compressibility makes an appointment with 1000:1
Bandwidth demand 64kbit/s arrives 2048kbit/s is adjustable
PTZ interface supports
Transparent passageway 2 (RS232 interface, can change into RS485)
Kinescope is answered put broadcast
Real time / time / call the police / motion detects kinescope support
Real time broadcasts Quan Bing, 4/9/16 picture is the same as screen, aleatoric picture in group annulus make one's rounds
Put quickly, put slow, chase frame to broadcast support
Intelligence is changed retrieve quickly time put a basis time, place, camera, call the police incident undertake retrieval
Image takes a picture and print functional support
Call the police spark
Athletic picture detects spark support
Alarm signal input sparks support
Classification accredit government support
Prevent to revise kinescope data illegally to support (use picture attack by surprise to pile up a technology)
Soft hardware prevents support of dead machine watchdog
The cache that stop a network supports (optional function)
Systematic government
Chinese interface / log government support
Long-range configuration / upgrade remotely support (be based on WEB)

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