Digital community technology applies a system to check and accep
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"Exam of check of system of building and application of technology of residential community digitlization closes " national level solicits opinion draft main idea
" building and technology of residential community digitlization apply " office of committee of national level organizing

Develop as the high speed of IT and permeate to what construct a field, construction of building and system of application of technology of residential community digitlization already was in China a lot of cities spread out. But China still is in in the standard research of this respect start level, lack opens gender and oneness, can last what affect product and market directly development, cause repeat construction and resources waste.
Superintend strength to strengthen an industry, normative market, stimulative China building and residential community digitlize those who use a project to carry out, be built in home and advocate fair, just, open competition to develop an environment. People's Republic of China builds a leading organization, supervisory bureau of MII and Beijing quality technology is participated in jointly, make " building and application of technology of residential community digitlization " national level. This standard is supervised by technology of quality of Institute for Standard of technology of electron of center of construction department information, China, Beijing bureau as the main unit that draft, standard staff work will be completed inside two years.

1, limits
The 2nd part of this series standard stipulated building and residential community digitlize technical application system (include GB/ among them
× of × of × of T × × . × - each systems in 200 × ) check exam closes detect content, requirement, method decides with what check and accept conclusion.
The 2nd part of this series standard applies to the tripartite of the function of afore-mentioned pair of each systems and project quality to detect. Change extend project and other project accordingly to be able to consult use.
2, communication network system
This part reachs service of finite TV, video and public broadcasting system by communication, satellite 4 stature systems to detecting content reachs acceptable standard to have a description; Should combine design program to undertake detect and be checkinged and accept to the system according to this standard in applying actually; Communication network system is divided outside setting according to this part, still should accord with each concerned standard with country and active place and standard. The part that this good luck fails to include, should implement the relevant standard with active country and standard, do not have active standard, can consult international or industry relative standard.
3, computer network system
Computer network is data is transmitted, the base that information natural resources shares. Computer network should be had with ability of connective of wide area newwork, according to need and internet join; Of information platform and application software detect, consult DB11/T146.12 - 2002 carry out; Overall and safe strategy should accord with information system information is safe related the country law, code, system the regulation that wait and requirement; According to this part combinative design asks to undertake detecting checking and accept to this system.
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