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On May 17, it is annual " world telegraphic day " .

"Make global network safer " -- , called the catchword aftertaste that go out to still be in this last year, this year " world telegraphic day " during coming, we must plaint, the network safety incident of in quick succession, let us spend a not quite smooth year: Following sb's heels and come " panda burn joss sticks " , " grey dove " let in a state of anxiety of netizen popular feeling, incident of the discharge outside private information happens again and again, baleful software infestation does not have avoid, the fictitious property that has home of net amuse oneself more by pilfer, code of name of Zhang of the bank on the net by hacker filch...

And meanwhile, the person that our country Internet is used already amounted to 137 million much person, in the growth of such be left speechless with wonder or fear making a person rate falls, who does network safety problem become also cannot evasive fact.

Network " poison " the panic of the times

"Shut-eye awakes, mailbox by clear sky, fry a software commonly usedly to be deleted, the file is changed farfetchedly. " on May 15, a netizen that calls BOB by " negotiable securities great robber " ill going-over must unaware.

And the data that according to Beijing limited company of technology of Jiang Minxin division monitors, be in this day, only Shanghai area is affected with respect to the computer that has nearly 100 people " negotiable securities great robber " virus.

It is reported, "Negotiable securities great robber " be discover first be aimed at system of domestic negotiable security, it is the virus of the target with code of name of Zhang of filch user name, it can log onto information to have a record to the user, OK even and baleful operate by the stock of pilfer, optional buying and selling, earn the price difference among, to be brought by pilfer shareholder huge loss.

Just deal with in the stock exchange open an account the Li Ying of formalities expresses to the reporter, "Afraider net hands in easy security. " when she is dealing with a formalities, the staff member of stockjobber gives her " the risk announces book " , make clear above point out, "The user when making trade on the net can get likely the attack of hacker, virus, the loss that causes accordingly is assumed by him user " .

"Present network virus is hackers no longer pure ' dazzle ability ' , process designing searchs happy, run quickly continuously however ' money ' Cheng. Below the dominant of the interest, a catenary of complete, close black virus industry is rising to surface. " network experts early-warning.

"Write virus, far earn money than common process designing much. " Xiaojiang is 25 years old, computer Master, in Beijing some network company holds the post of full-time programmer. He says to the reporter, "According to my understanding, the income of the person that virus is written wants far outclass the pay level of common programmer. The income of the person that virus is written wants far outclass the pay level of common programmer..
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