GB appoint issue standard of system of 12 intelligence traffic
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Recently, system of traffic of the first batch of 12 ITS(intelligence) national level holds today countrywide intelligence carried committee of technology of standardization within the system 2006 release on annual meeting. The country standardizes technical committee to be versed in Yan Minghan of the director that join a department introduces, among them " electron of intelligent carriage system collects fees systematic frame model " , " road transportation information collects information classification and encode " , " road information collects incident information market " 3 states level already was carried out formally on October 1 this year, "Dictionary of data of intelligent carriage system asks " wait for the others brigadier of 9 states label in April 2007 1 carry out formally.

Yan Minghan introduces, level of these 12 states is committee of technology of countrywide intelligence carriage standardization within the system (abbreviation ITS mark appoint meeting) from September 2003 up to now the level sex positive result that last a period of time obtains 3 or so years, the compose that indicates system of carriage system standard builds an our country intelligence to had entered materiality establishs level. There are 6 standards to belong to general standard in 12 standards, additionally 6 standards belong to news service, electron to collect fees respectively, car is auxiliary drive to change a standard with automatic highway analysis.

"Of the standard the first pace that promulgating is a long march of ten thousand lie only. " Yan Minghan says, all standards still need to get be carryinged out effectively fulfilling, edit ceaselessly in practice and perfect.

Science and education of the Ministry of Communication manages director Sun Guoqing introduces, ITS standardizes development to plan to will come on stage next year. "915 " during, the the Ministry of Communication will organize executive country " 915 " the project that prop up " net of national freeway couplet does not jockey the service system that collect fees " and " national freeway network serves and superintend a system " construction, ferry is in Beijing look forward to or long triangle area execute couplet net the demonstrative project that ceaseless car collects fees. He suggests, 2007, ITS mark appoint meeting should strengthen an electron the relative standard that ceaseless car collects fees, and conformity of intelligent traffic information and the standard research that news service needs.

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