Safety checks content and level
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Area of scene of restaurant of public place of entertainment of block of hub of the subterranean space that brings the limits that checks completely to include personnel to gather, large market, market, traffic, flourishing business, culture, hotel, park, inn, dangerous article stores storeroom, those who conduct activity of of all kinds and large society.
2, safe examination key.
() subterranean space, large market, market (include mart of trade of free market of agricultural products, terminal market, market to wait) , culture public place of entertainment (include office of singing and dancing, wash bath, hall of cinema, gym, entertainment) , key of hotel restaurant, inn is checked passageway, ventilated, ; Whether to exist incidental group die the problem of safe hidden trouble of group of injury accidents; Standard of fixed number of persons whether approve of mechanism of classics public security or although approve of mechanism of classics public security but because of change location, decorate, transform wait for reason happening change, the likelihood affects safe situation; Inside the place whether does large facilities facilities examine via Technical Division, whether the circumstance of the yearly check; Whether to check and accept qualification through whole of fire control branch; Whether to make masses by the regulation urgent and scattered beforehand case; Whether is indicator card of scattered passageway plane installed inside the guest room of inn.
(2) the hidden trouble that block of traffic hub, flourishing business wants to discover accident of calamity of incidental public security mainly, want to make clear specific reason and place.
(3) whether is the place such as stone of bridge of examination of key of park scene area, culvert, hill, surface put in safe hidden trouble; Whether does project of dangerous sex sports carry sports section inside park scene area " aptitude of sports management activity " examine and verify; Yacht, passenger transport drives equipment of machinery of empty cableway, telpher, switchback, fast demote, dynamoelectric You Le, establishment to whether supervise a branch to detect via the technology, whether to expire; Park scene area is examined and approve without be in charge of a branch, the circumstance of practice of do sth without authorization.
(4) dangerous article stores whether does storeroom key examination accord with safe condition (include safe space, be on guard structure of establishment, storeroom) .
(5) whether is the establishment that holds the field of activity of of all kinds and large society to examine site mainly, equipment put in safe hidden trouble, be like: Passageway of safe passageway, lash-up indicates not clear or jam; Arena, ceiling bearings actually whether to exceed safety to bearing standard; Whether is water, report, gas, heat put in safe problem; The arena that builds temporarily, exhibit frame, temporarily pensile content, pull the facility using phone that establish and environment to decorate temporarily whether to put in safe problem.
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