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Electric car is current relatively one of vehicle of environmental protection, but install the warning apparatus on its body,become the noise pollution source of city with each passing day however. "Buy warning apparatus likelihood more it is psychology is comforted. " how to allow electric car effectively guard against theft, reduce the noise pollution of electric car? The reporter sought advice from relevant personage at this point.

Noise pollution - the citizen is perplexed

Nowadays, the electric car amount of Hefei city increases ceaselessly, already exceeded 100 thousand now according to not complete count.

Encounter road construction every time " big movement " when, resound with respect to meeting in chorus in the warning apparatus of the electric motor-car of busy streets park. "At present most grand is, before paragraph when time is building old city road, tick off machine one job, park moves car warning apparatus in about a hundred report all round instantly salvo, harsh sound as one falls, make a person honest be overcome! " in old city district Mr Zhang of one clothing store gets the worry of these noise.

The reporter learns all right from the car that sells electric car warning apparatus, the decibel great majority of warning apparatus is in 120 decibel above, some still claim to have 150 decibel. The businessman thinks, the effect of warning apparatus guard against theft with bigger decibel is bigger. Many cars advocate also think, buy " voice " big warning apparatus is right of car custodial more effective. So almost all cars advocate it is to ask actively to buy this supplementary product.

According to the standard of environmental protection branch, the sound of more than 60 decibel belongs to noise. Once somebody has done a test, the person stays one minute below the noise environment of 100 decibel, cause giddy, tinnitus likely even the harmful response such as tinnitus of sex of of short duration.

Install warning apparatus - car of one cannot say for sure is safe

Buy warning apparatus of an electric car to need 100 yuan only about, to most car advocate for, they are willing to pay this the pen " penny " buy to be at ease, thereby oversight the noise pollution that warning apparatus brings.

"But bought warning apparatus, can not realize effective guard against theft. " Miss Li that lives in Ming Guanglu bought an electric car a few days ago, but become day car by pilfer. Li Shui, she is the electric car place that buys newly outside him door, face the on probation before sleeping in the evening warning apparatus, press unexpectedly after key-press, without any echo, she develops a door to look, electric car has disappeared without trace.

The reporter understands from public security mechanism, a lot of electric car vehicles advocate the car is mirrorred how to have warning apparatus when coming round to report a case to the security authorities. "Warning apparatus is very acute, collide to be able to call the police a little. But call the police the frequency is too frequent, because encounter the thief that steal a car,more moment are not, so car advocate the sound that gives out to warning apparatus sometimes can object. " a policeman introduces in relief substation of cottage of Hefei city public security bureau, he once had been caught a few " hardened thief " , their commit the crime gimmick is very skilled, warning apparatus can let did not react when stealing a car.
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